TMMP Other Services


Wellness Workshops

 We provide an engaging, interactive and informative wellness workshops, prefect for groups, organizations and business who desire to support and promote health. Workshops begin at 45 minutes.

Popular topics include:

· Nutritional Workshops

· Keys to Healthy Eating

· Heart Healthy Eating

· Weight Management

· Meal Prep 101

· Heart Health Cooking

Taste Matters! Kids Cook with TM

Taylor Made Meal Prep wants to influence our children to experience new flavors, try new foods and ingredients and explore cooking through hands-on  classes.  Kids cooking classes may cover the following: 

  • the importance of making healthy food choices
  • reading, following and preparing recipes 
  • kitchen safety, sanitation, knifing techniques and knife safety
  • increase  knowledge of where food comes from and how it's prepared 

Children and Adult Cooking Classes

Cooking sessions vary from main courses, desserts, party treats, tasting themes, couples night, snacks, and more.

  • Led through recipes step-by-step from  menus tailored to your health goals
  • Learn the nutritional value of your food
  • Kitchen cooking basics and time saving tips
  • Receive your own copy of custom tailored menus
  • Be engaged, learn, have fun and eat!